How Chiropractic Care Can Improve Performance With Your Horse

Dr. Pamela Lovell on her horseToday, a local chiropractic patient from San Luis Obispo County, we’ll call her Sue, expressed her concern that she was unable to ride her horse with her usual effectiveness.  She said she has been feeling crooked in the saddle.

Sue explained that her horse has been less cooperative during training sessions, and she can’t keep even weight in her stirrups. Her lower back is tight and painful and her horse feels this tension and is unable to perform as well for her.

Sue recalled a similar time when this happened, and that after her chiropractic adjustment her balance and effectiveness in the saddle was improved. Her low back pain and tightness went away and best of all for Sue was her horse was happy, cooperative and able to perform his job for her.

So, how can a chiropractic adjustment for the rider impact a horse’s performance so much? Misalignments, and uneven pressure from the rider are transferred to the horse. Have you ever given a piggy back ride (which I don’t recommend) to someone who leans to one side or the other, making it difficult to walk straight, well this is similar to what a horse feels, especially in the equestrian disciplines such as cutting, dressage, show jumping, and reining, where ultimate communication between the horse and rider are required for maximum performance.

Spinal misalignment and muscle imbalance in the rider may be getting in the way of your horse’s happiness, and ability to perform at his fullest.

Even if you simply enjoy a relaxing trail ride, being in alignment and pain-free makes your experience even more rewarding.

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