Health and Happiness Secret # 2: You Are What You Drink

Water is life’s mater and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water.  ~Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Back In Place Health Secrets of Water

Many of us along the California Central Coast like to enjoy a tall latte, a glass of wine with dinner or an occasional Pepsi.  While they fit in fine with a healthy lifestyle if they’re an occasional treat, when they’re the only drinks in your daily diet you will probably feel the negative consequences sooner or later.

I’ve made some suggestions below for keeping these drinks in perspective.

Rule of thumb: treat these drinks as though they were the occasional treat.

Here is a list of drinks to eliminate or moderate:

  • Coffee – caffeine is a stimulating drug which side effects cause more fatigue and addiction.
  • Black tea – same as above
  • Alcohol – destroys brain cells and liver cells with over use
  • Bottled juices – lots of sugar and very little to no nutritional value
  • Sodas – very acidic which is life threatening to the body.  The body needs to be neurtral to live. Sodas contain citric acid, carbonic acid and phosphoric acid.  Operative word: acid.  Lots of sugar and artificial chemicals.
  • Milk – mucous forming .  We are the only mammals that are not weaned after infancy.  Think about it.

Here is a list of drinks that are healthful:

  • Herbal teas – non-caffeinated and refreshing.  Moderation here.
  • Homemade or natural broths – lots of vitamins and minerals
  • Freshly made vegetable and fruit juices – same as above.
  • WATER – We can’t forget this one.

There are many opinions on how much water to drink, what kind of water to drink or when to drink.

  • Do I drink my weight in ounces?
  • Do I drink mineral water or distilled?

Let’s explore our options and what effects they have.

When figuring how much water to drink, consider your body fat content, your activity levels, what you are eating, and the elevation of where you live.

The higher the body fat the more water you will need. Also, more water is needed for higher elevation and activity levels.  If you eat a lot of high water content foods like fruits and vegetables less water is needed.  Drink more water if you are thirsty, fatigued, urine is dark yellow, increase activity or skin is dry.  Don’t force water down to the point of feeling water logged. Just sip water throughout the day.

Often, if your thirst is not quenched adding electrolytes can help.  Some examples are Ultima Replenisher and Emergen-C.

Water should be purified.  I prefer reverse osmosis.  “But Dr. Rob, doesn’t that take all the minerals out of the water?”  The answer is yes.  You see, the minerals in mineral water are inorganic and too large for our bodies to break them down, so our bodies can’t use them.  Plants, however, can use inorganic minerals and turn them into organic (usable) minerals that are healthful for our bodies.

When not to drink water is also important. Don’t drink a lot of water before or after a meal or wash your food down with water.  This dilutes the digestive acid in your stomach and leads to eating too fast.

Stay tuned for #3 secret to health and happiness

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