Chiropractic for Children: Simple Solution After a Mild Fall

“As the branch bows the tree grows”  ~Don Crenshaw D.C.

Back In Place Chiropractic for Children in Templeton CAParents will often ask if their children can benefit from chiropractic care.  The answer is whole-heartedly  YES!

One mother brought her 5-year-old son to Back In Place Chiropractic in Templeton California and explained that after a seemingly mild fall off the end of a slide, he had not been himself.  She said that he was irritated, cranky and oddly wetting the bed!  He hadn’t done that for over a year now.

The little boy was examined and adjusted with DNFT – nonforce chiropractic and we asked his mother to bring him back in a couple of days.

Upon their return, the mother was very pleased with the results of her son’s first visit.  He was playful, happy and hasn’t wet the bed since his treatment!  I explained to his mother that the nerves in the lower back and sacrum innervate the bladder along with many other structures when there are spinal misalignments in the lower back, pelvis and sacral area, bedwetting or mild incontinence can be the consequence.

The mother seemed amazed that chiropractic could help his bedwetting, and was thrilled that she had her happy, playful little boy back.  She admits she was a bit skeptical to take her child to a chiropractor but we came so highly recommended she decided to give us a try.  After observing the gentle, precise care her son received at Back In Place Chiropractic, all reservations were gone.

There are many benefits that young and old alike can gain from chiropractic care.  Every organ and tissue is innervated by a nerve that comes from the spinal cord.  The spinal cord is housed within the vertebral column.  When there are vertebral misalignments, the nerves that come from that area in the spine can be hindered from affecting their target tissue to the fullest.  This can cause pain, dysfunction, and mood changes along with many other symptoms.

So as you can see, pain is not the only reason to seek chiropractic care for your child or yourself.  The benefits can be amazing and often unexpected in a good way.

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