Alleviate Upper Back Roundness and Pain

Upper back pain, shoulder roundness, and general weakness of the upper body are common complaints, especially for people who are working at a desk or spending time looking down.  These all tend to cause a rounding of the upper back.

I have a very simple exercise you can do that doesn’t require any special equipment.  You can do this exercise to help strengthen the upper back and open the shoulders to decrease the roundness and also decrease pain.

So for this particular demonstration I am laying on a bench, but you can do this on the floor, on a towel, or you can do it on another firm surface, but not on a bed.

For beginners you will just elevate your head a little bit, have your hands at your side and then just elevate them.  And it’s very simple, but it works the upper back and it opens up the shoulders.  Go into this position, which we call the T and again just elevate the arms.

As you get better at it you can go up into the Y.  And then to make it a little more difficult, elevate the feet.  And then into the Y.

Let me know how this goes for you.

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