Dr. Pamela Lovell Chiropractor

Dr Pam Lovell NonForce ChiropractorDr. Pam Lovell has been affectionately called Dr. Pam by friends and family since a very young age. Her caring nature, healing quality, attention to detail, and desire to do the doctoring, whether for two-legged or four-legged, has been in her for a long time. She was very involved with horses, and tending to the family dogs – which directed her toward a career as a veterinarian. In 1978, Dr. Pam attended Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz, California, and transferred on to Cal Poly State University San Luis Obispo, California. In 1982, she received a B.S. degree in animal science, with an emphasis in pre-vet. Also in 1982, she and Larry Lovell were married.

Dr. Pam was, and still is, a very active competitor in equestrian sports including three day eventing, dressage, show jumping and vaulting (a gymnastic event performed on a cantering horse). She pursued a competitive and training career with horses rather than continuing with vet school.

In 1984, Dr. Pam was introduced to the wonderful healing art of chiropractic. She and her husband Larry received regular chiropractic care for sports injuries, headaches, back pain, and general health. In 1994, a sports injury caused Pam to seek care from a Direct Non-Force Technique (D.N.F.T.) Chiropractic Doctor in Santa Barbara, California, Alice Nelson, D.C. The results were dramatic and life changing. Larry,and their two sons, Luke (born 1985), and Shane (born 1989) also received D.N.F.T. care from Dr. Alice.

Inspired and mentored by Dr. Alice, Dr. Pam enrolled in Palmer West Chiropractic College (PWCC). She always knew she wanted to be a doctor, and finding D.N.F.T. Chiropractic was the catalyst. Dr. Pam graduated in 1999 from PWCC cum laude with a special award in clinical excellence from the campus outpatient clinic. She is a member of Pi Tau Delta honor society. Dr. Pam is board certified by California Chiropractic Examiners. While attending PWCC she was president of the D.N.F.T. Club, formed to increase awareness of this powerful technique to the students, and faculty. In fact, the faculty had her teach D.N.F.T. to the first quarter students in chiropractic techniques while she was attending PWCC.

Dr. Pam opened her first office in Paso Robles, California in 1999. With her passion for D.N.F.T., her desire to help people, and her commitment to compassionate care, her practice grew quickly. Her patients of all ages were very satisfied with the results of Dr. Pam’s care, and referred their family and friends.

In 2003, Dr. Pam opened a larger office, Back In Place Chiropractic, in Templeton, California, to accommodate her growing patient list.

Back In Place Chiropractic continues to accept new patients, and offer D.N.F.T. Chiropractic, nutritional counseling, and orthotics.

In Dr. Pam’s free time she enjoys training her advanced dressage horse, Dylan, in the Grand Prix, she also enjoys hiking, skiing, walks with the dogs, and all the activities that their ranch in Paso Robles California has to offer.

The Lovell’s older son, Luke will be married to his fiance, Molly in October of 2012.

And their younger son, Shane is attending the Art Institute of Orange County, with a major in Industrial Design.

We invite you to call Dr. Pamela Lovell at Back In Place Chiropractic today and get back to the active life you enjoy: (805) 434-2077